Rahul Gandhi Uses An International Stage For Political Gain

Rahul Gandhi and controversy seems like having some kind of eternal bond which always gives the Congress chief the limelight he wants. You cannot separate this couple no matter how much you want to, even the lady herself (Sonia Gandhi) failed miserably in doing so. It’s fused in his nature, or is it a tactic adopted by Mr. Gandhi to create some media space for him as well as the Congress. I am putting any blame on him without having any conclusive fact. Nowadays in most of the political debates happening on News channels, the Congress spokesperson has been seen defending the Congress supremo only, like he doesn’t have any other things to say.

Let’s comes back on today’s agenda, and try to understand what the mighty Rahul Gandhi has said this time. It was a new day for him, sitting in London with an audience that includes policy experts, scholars and British MPs. Going through the list of peoples sitting there and the talk Congress president was doing, it was totally clear that a buffoon was trying to be an intellect by saying things which completely depict, Indian government as a bad policy maker and most importantly making a very important Indian organization, a militant group in front of the whole world. Here we are talking about Demonetization and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Let’s break these two very different things while trying to understand, why Mr. Pappu used it, at such a huge stage.

Demonetization which was brought in India in the year 2016 came out to be a very tactical move and even in the country, there was a mixed reaction towards this policy. Apart from the politicians sitting in the opposition, no one was against the policy. There were more than some glitches but it ended on a good note. Is demonetization was necessary or not, we are not getting into that debate. What we are talking about here is, how Demonetization effected some party financially, having nowhere to go to exchange that heavy amount of liquid money, they were forced to let it rot in some dingy basements. Does this scenario happened in Congress headquarters too, I hope not but the frustration on the face of Rahul Gandhi, while talking about Demonetization in London, says something else.

Now coming back to RSS, why Mr. Gandhi is calling an organization which is way older than him as a militant group and comparing it with Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Rahul Gandhi should understand the sensitivity of this very line before saying something which sounds very foolish. He is holding a position of a national leader yet he is uttering garbage that even a school kid won’t say on an International stage. He said, “The RSS is trying to change the nature of India. There is no other organization in India that wants to capture India’s institutions… What we are dealing with is not a completely new idea. It’s an old idea being reborn. It is similar to the idea that exists in the Arab world of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

As being a man in his early fifties, I hoped for a bit more intellect from his side, but surely there is something else in his head on the place of a brain. You cannot mark an organization which is present there, nearly for 70 long years, while working for the nation as a militant group on the basis of the difference in Ideology or it supporting a party other than yours. For how many long years, you are going to act as a teenager Mr. Gandhi. Think before you open your mouth at least on an international stage, where the world media is waiting for a wrong choice of phrase, chosen by you.

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