Navjot Singh Sidhu: An Idiot behind an Intellect

A country known for terrorism all around, especially against a peaceful nation and neighbor like India, is now promising for a turnaround in behavior due to a political shift of power at the center. Yes, we are talking about Pakistan and their new head of the nation Imran Khan. On 18th of August, Imran Khan took the oath to serve Pakistan as their Prime Minister and just the minute after being in power, Imran Khan’s party forgot the motto of development on the basis of which they won the election by bringing Kashmir in the speech of Pakistan’s foreign minister.

On the one hand, he is talking about peace and international trade but on the other hand, none of his counterparts from other countries were invited. I don’t believe the fact that this whole affair was a private one when you are sending a personal invitation to people who have strong political as well as social hold in India. It’s true that current Pm of Pakistan has personal contacts with people here in India, which makes the invite unquestionable. So, practically we can’t blame or point a finger towards Imran Khan.

But the people who were invited could have acted sensibly in handling this scenario, even most of them rejected the invitations by giving personal reasons unknown.

Although, this mature behavior is not a character seen in the self-established rebel of Congress who is by fault an elected Member of the Parliament of Punjab “Navjot Singh Sidhu”. A cricketer who has acted more as a comic judge rather than a politician, right from the day he joined politics. Here again, he shows how immature he is or we can say how much respect he has in his heart for this great nation.

Not only, he accepted this invitation, he went to Pakistan without even consulting with the government of India. He should have understood that as being a MP, if he went to that ceremony then in a way Mr. Sidhu can be said as a representative of the nation. On one side this politician is shouting and raising his fingers on the motives of the current government regarding the deaths caused by the Pakistani army with the help of the militants. Then how can he even think of being present in that event while sharing the stage where Pakistan army chief was present, who is a dearest friend of Hafiz Saeed.

His set of the idiotic regime doesn’t end here, as soon in that event he was seen giving a warm hug to General Bajwa. I really want to ask this man, how could you? How can you hug a man, who is responsible for deaths in your own country?

This idiot should know his limits and should know the meaning of the chair, he is sitting on. It’s time to make such politician understand that we Indian’s are not going to take this shit anymore.

Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu, either be in line or make way for peoples better than you.

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