Gamer’s T-Shirt By “BrandOne”

I am a very choosy person when it comes to my clothes, especially shirts and T-shirts. My wadrobe is not about big brands, it’s about quality products which can provide me comfort and “BrandOne” have proven itself to be such a brand. I was not aware of BrandOne until one of my friends showed me their website, a pretty neat and classy made website, not at all like those websites of so called big brands who never gives a damm towards customer satisfaction. While exploring BrandOne’s website, it made me realize how customer friendly that website is. So with a lot of expectations, I contacted them and they were more than eager to let me try their stuff.

The product I received was a white Premium ‘Game Over” Gamer’s T-shirt. Seriously I won’t lie to you all, I was waiting for a low quality T-Shirt to hit my doors which i will not even wear. But it was the complete opposite. The product felt good in my hand with a very nice print and most importantly, it was a pure cotton T-Shirt as written in the description. Many a time even big brands mention things in product description which is not there in the product when a customer receives. A big Thumbs up to BrandOne for this.

Now going to the most essential stuff, how this T-Shirt really is and to test that i chose one of the sunniest and humid day In Delhi. It performed more than my expectation. T-shirt is very comfortable and it fits me well. Apart from that it works great in humid condition and absorbs quite an amount of sweat which helps in keeping my body hydrated. T-Shirt was perfectly stitched and retained its size after the first wash. Print hasn’t faded a bit, making this T-shirt from BrandOne a really good buy.

By my experience of using this product for a month, I can say that this T-Shirt is value for money and quite frankly a great buy when compared to other brand T-Shirts in this price range.

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